Born in New York City, I studied art since childhood when I lived across the street from
The Metropolitan Museum of Art.
After marriage and four children I resumed my interest in painting and completed a BA Degree from San Jose State University.
In 1971-1973 I studied painting at the University of Freiburg in West Germany.

And in 1993 received my Masters Degree in Psychology from Sonoma State University.
After studying psychology, I began to wonder if I was sane. After all, I spoke to unseen friends all the time and they put people in institutions when they do that. So, of course I never told anyone about my private world. Now I have come to realize that my communication link with outer realities has helped me through the ebbs and flow of my life experience.

I am interested in the way of the "Dream" I have found most of my inspiration from dreams. I believe that we are dreaming a dream and that the world of dreams is "more real" than the illusion of the dream we are living. I also think that dreams give us messages from our higher consciousness. We need only to pay attention.
My art has evolved through many phases.
I started out by being passionate about the human figure.
While I was drawing the figure, I augmented my studies with dancing and learning massage. These disciplines increased my ability to draw the figure with accuracy and gave me a kinesthetic awareness of the body along with the visual. 
Also, I found music also inspired many of my paintings.Throughout the evolution of my art, my life experiences influenced the subject matter of my paintings. This was especially true during the years when my mother was dying. These paintings are documented in my thesis from Sonoma State University in 1993.
As I developed, my paintings began to take on a life of their own.
Now, I let the painting paint me. I no longer have a particular subject in mind when I paint. The painting then becomes a living dream - a visual poem.

Double click here to add text.Since childhood I have pursued yeSince childhood I have pursued an interest in the Spiritual in Art. 
I enjoyed collecting feathers in Central Park, and knew they were
 my spirit friends.

I believe that we are
Spiritual Beings
having a physical experience. 
My Art is the expression 
in Visual Poetry
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